Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss and Chronic Ear Disease

There are two types of hearing loss: conductive loss and nerve loss. Conductive loss can be surgically repaired. The problem could be a hole in the ear drum, fixation of the small bones behind the drum that conduct sound vibration, or fluid behind the drum. A hearing test is required, and possibly a CT scan or X-ray, to fully diagnose the problem. Surgery is outpatient and may last from one to three hours. It is done with a high-powered microscope in meticulous fashion. Since it is a small area, generally there is no post-operative pain.

Procedures include:

  • Tympanoplasty
  • Stapectomy
  • Mastiodectomy
  • Ossicular repair
  • Widening of the ear canal
  • Placement of middle ear tubes

Combinations of these address all problems including infections and tumors. The Baha® implant is an additional procedure for hearing loss. It is best described as a bionic hearing device.

Nerve hearing loss is best treated with hearing devices. See hearing aids.

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